Mi Router 3C

Mi Router 3C

Mi Router 3C


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    Mi Router 3C
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    Mi Router 3C

    Smarter router, faster Wi-Fi
    4 high-performance antennas
    300Mbps speeds, 80m Wi-Fi range
    Mi Wi-Fi app (Android and iOS)

    *ADSL or cable modem is required

    4 high-performance antennas
    Up to 300Mbps

    Forget Wi-Fi deadzones and dropped connections. With four high-performance antennas, Mi Router 3C boasts increased operating range and stronger signal. Everyone on the network will enjoy low-latency online gaming, smooth video streaming, and seamless web browsing.

    4 high-performance

    Securely update using dual
    ROM partition system

    Upgrading firmware is safer than you think

    Updating firmware is exceptionally safe. Using a dual ROM partition system configured on highspeed 16MB flash storage, Mi Router 3C receives the latest firmware updates on schedule - even if unexpected power outage occurs.


    Experience blazing fast
    wireless speeds

    Third party applications and connected devices consume valuable router RAM. This is why Mi Router 3C comes with 64MB of RAM - eight times more than typical routers. Mi Router 3C ensures smooth online gaming and browsing experiences.


    Mi Wi-Fi app puts you in
    command of your network.
    Anywhere, anytime.

    View and manage settings remotely

    Quality of Service (QoS) allows bandwidth prioritization based on application type

    No matter the game, everyone has encountered that seemingly random gap in responsiveness - also known as lag.
    Load instantaneously. QoS allows you to assign web browsing more bandwidth, ensuring that important webpages are there when you need them.

    Quality of Service

    Quality of Service (QoS) allows bandwidth prioritization based on application type

    Ever notice a delay in football match results between real-time and live stream? This is how lag causes suboptimal experience.
    Don't wait to watch. With Quality of Service (QoS), you can prioritize maximum bandwidth to video streaming to prevent buffering. Now you'll get the latest results in real time.

    Quality of Service

    Quality of Service (QoS) allows bandwidth prioritization based on application type

    When working remotely, you might encounter webpages that load slowly - or not at all.
    For gamers, lag and high ping are unacceptable. With Quality of Service (QoS), you can set bandwidth priorities to gaming ensuring optimal ping and low-latency.

    Quality of Service
    mi router 3c

    Mi Router 3C