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Mi Smart Antibacterial HumidifierUV-C instant sterilization system releases a pure and healthy mistUV-C instant sterilization | Easy-to-use top-fill designPatented low-noise electric water valve | Constant healthy humidity
Sterilizes before humidifyingEnjoy healthy mist and comfortable humidityOur home is our place of refuge, and creating comfortable humidity at home is just the start for the Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier.It's just like you're breathing clean mountain forest air, leaving you feeling carefree and relaxed.
UV-C instant sterilization and purification [1]Stored water is cleaned so that a healthy water source is used to increase humidityThe source of water for the humidifier is critical. Tap water always contains some bacteria, and germs can breed in purified water if left in the water tank for an extended period. In the Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier, water must pass through the UV-C sterilization area before it is atomized to humidify the air. The water is instantly sterilized and purified, and because only fresh and clean water is used to release a healthy mist, there's no need to worry about contamination of stored water.
Cold cathodeUV lamp emits powerful light
Kills bacteriaKills bacteria in the water
InstantlyInstantly cleaned before being atomized for humidification
An ideal, easy-to-use top-fill designAdd water with ease and refill in no time at allThe new top-fill design of the Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier allows you to add water by simply removing the lid. There's no need to remove the water tank or make repeated trips and this saves both time and effort. Nothing was overlooked in making the design as user-friendly as possible.
Patented low-noise electric water valveWhisper quiet at <38 dB, silent and unobtrusiveNoise can easily be produced when the water valve is in operation and water flows from the water tank down into channels in the main body. Making use of noise reduction technology, R&D on the structure of the electric water valve allows the Mi Smart Antibacterial Humidifier to deliver a stable supply of water during the sterilization cycle. Combined with a slower drive, noise from water replenishment is reduced, resulting in a silent and unobtrusive experience. Care is shown in every detail.
A constant, comfortable humidity, just like in springA constant, healthy humidity, just like April daysAccording to research, the average humidity of cities in China during April is approximately 58% [4].This level of humidity is appropriate for both our health and our homes [5].When the constant humidity mode is activated, indoor humidity will be intelligently kept at a level of approximately 60% [6],which is just the right level of moisture.
Air that is too humid
Comfortable humidity zone
Dry air
Ceramic core high-frequency atomization systemDelicate mist enters the pores and nourishes the musclesThe choice of a ceramic core high-frequency atomization disc causes water to atomize into particles 1–5 microns in size. These particles instantly emerge from the mist channel at a rate of up to 300 mL/h [7].Small particles gently permeate your skin and go directly into muscle sublayers, allowing your skin to absorb water like a sponge and retain its moisture.Glass-glazed ceramic core—Secondary resonance for fine atomizationHigh-frequency oscillation—Initial dispersion of liquid water300 mL/h mist rate humidifies large spaces
4.5 L capacity water tankAmple water capacity for continuous humidification day and nightAppreciating your need for humidification over longer periods, we have expanded our water tank to a size of 4.5 L, equivalent to about 18, 250 mL bottles of mineral water.Filling the water tank once provides continuous humidification for 12–15 hours [8]. Say goodbye to problems like going back and forth or getting up in the middle of the night to add water. This humidifier makes your life easier.The water tank is designed with a top-mounted opening that features a large diameter, making it easy to clean but preventing contamination of stored water.
Status ring with clear segmentsHumidity status can be easily seen, even on a dark nightThe body of the machine is designed with segmented status rings that light up in a pleasing way. Each segment shows the status of a different function and allows you can stay in control, with mist quantity and constant humidity visible at a glance. You can also freely adjust the humidity with a simple touch of a button, so you always have just the right levels of humidity and comfort.
Low mist settingHumidity suitable for spring
Medium mist settingHumidity suitable for fall and air-conditioned rooms
High mist settingHumidity suitable for winter and the dry season
Constant humidity modeAutomatically adjusts amount of mist
Out of water/Remove water tankWater needed or fit the water tank
A great deal of thought has gone into every detail
  • Concentrated spray nozzle Mist rises high and leaves tabletops dry
  • Ring-shaped air intake on the base Aids quick dispersal of moisture
  • Gentle, atmospheric lighting Your nighttime companion
  • Transparent water gauge See the water level at a glance
[1] Antibacterial effects were tested by the Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology. Antibacterial Test Report No.: KJ20190643.[2] A patent has been obtained for the electric noise-reducing water valve. Patent No.: ZL 201821350302.1.[3]Operating noise data obtained from tests undertaken by Vkan Certification and Testing Co., Ltd. (CVC). Test Report No.: WTS2019 - 2073.[4] Average humidity data calculated according to "8- Average Relative Humidity in 5 Main Cities (2017)" in the 2018 Statistical Yearbook of China.[5] Appropriate level of humidity refers to "Room Temperature and Humidity that is Comfortable for the Human Body" in Household Technologies (Jiating Keji), 2004, Vol. 5.[6] Constant humidity data obtained from tests undertaken by Vkan Certification and Testing Co., Ltd. (CVC). Test Report No.: WTS2019-9236. Constant humidity status refers to humidity levels that can be constantly maintained within the humidity sensor's detection range. Humidity levels that fall outside this range may create discrepancies.[7] Mist output data obtained from tests undertaken by Vkan Certification and Testing Co., Ltd. (CVC). Test Report No.: WTS2019- 4962.[8] Humidification duration data obtained from tests undertaken by DEERMA Labs. Under laboratory conditions comprising a temperature of 22.6°C and a humidity level of 80%, continuous use was maintained for 12–15 hours with humidification set to high mist level. Data may vary slightly depending on specific usage conditions.
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