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Mi Box 4K

Ultra-HD Streaming Player

Includes voice remote control
  • Mi Box 4K

    HDR 10

  • Mi Box 4K

    Dolby Audio + DTS 2.0 Digital Out

  • Mi Box 4K

    1.5GHz Quad-core 64-bit Processor

  • Mi Box 4K

    Android TV

  • Mi Box 4K

    Google Assistant
    Voice Search

  • Mi Box 4K

    Chromecast Ultra Built-in

Up and running in 3 simple steps

  • Mi Box 4K

    1. Attach Mi Box to your TV (HDMI cable included in-box)

  • Mi Box 4K

    2. Connect to the internet

  • Mi Box 4K

    3. Start streaming your favourite content

Mi Box 4K

The new Android 9 has been streamlined to be faster and easier to use. The user-friendly interface allows you to discover more content with scrolling recommendations, voice search and the Chromecast option.

Access Tons of Content

Don’t miss out on the best in entertainment anymore, do it all on the Mi Box. Watch 500,000+ movies and shows, cast photos, listen to music and more.

Mi Box 4K
Mi Box 4K
Mi Box 4K
Mi Box 4K
Subscription/charges may be required for certain content.
Mi Box 4K

With Chromecast built-in, you can cast up to 4K Ultra-HD content from your smartphone or tablet in an instant. Watch your favourite shows, movies and music videos on the big screen with the Mi Box.

Mi Box 4K
  • Mi Box 4K

    Wireless screen mirroring at the tap of a button

  • Mi Box 4K

    Mirror almost any device including smartphones, tablets or laptops

  • Mi Box 4K

    Call and text without interrupting the content streaming on the TV

  • Mi Box 4K

    Supports high-speed streaming and HD video playback

1,000+ Chromecast-enabled apps
200,000+ TV shows & movies
30,000,000+ songs

Mi Box 4K
Mi Box 4K
Control your entertainment
"How is my day?"
"What's on my agenda for the day?"
"Will it rain later?"
"How's the traffic to work"
Mi Box 4K
Get answers
"What's the weather today?"
"What are the movies running nearby?"
"Who is in top of Premier League?"
"What is India's Cricket score?"
Mi Box 4K
Plan your day
"How is my day?"
"What's on my agenda for the day?"
"Will it rain later?"
"How's the traffic to work"
Mi Box 4K
Control your smart home devices
"Turn on Mi Air Purifier"
"Set Mi Air Purifier to Auto"
"Turn on the Mi LED Smart Bulb"
"Dim the living room lights"

Data Saver

Data Saver helps you easily access Android TV’s smart features
using just a phone:

  • Stream movies on your TV instead of your phone
  • Watch three times more video without worrying about data
  • View your phone’s media on your TV to see it with friends
Data Saver will be rolled out via software update in April 2020
Mi Box 4K

Experience your beloved media in realistic detail with the Mi Box. Equipped with 4K+ HDR 10* technology and high-speed 4K processing for up to 60fps playback, you can enjoy Ultra-HD viewing anytime.

*Requires a HDR TV and HDR-enabled video content.

Mi Box 4K

DTS 2.0+Digital Out

1.5GHz Quad-core 64-bit Processor

You can now install a choice of apps, watch extended cuts of your favourite films, play HD games and do more without worrying about storage, speed or stability.

TV not included

  • Mi Box 4K

    Cortex-A53 Quad-core CPU

  • Mi Box 4K

    Mali 450 GPU

  • Mi Box 4K

    2GB DDR3 RAM

  • Mi Box 4K

    8GB eMMC internal storage

Connect Effortlessly

Connect your TV and other devices to your Mi Box in an instant.

Mi Box 4K

Audio Out (3.5mm + SPDIF)


HDMI 2.0b

USB 2.0

Supports Wireless and Wired Connections

Supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connections delivering super fast transfer speeds however you connect. You have an array of wired and wireless features to choose from, all of which offer superfast data transfers without compromising on the performance.

  • Mi Box 4K

    USB 2.0

    Easily connects to a
    portable hard drive or
    shared drive to play your
    favorite videos. Watch the
    latest blockbusters and
    play your favorite games,
    music, videos, and more

  • Mi Box 4K

    HDMI 2.0b

    Enjoy high resolution
    video and high bitrate
    audio playback with
    superior reliability

  • Mi Box 4K

    WiFi 2.4GHz/5GHz

    Download apps and
    play Ultra HD video
    quickly and easily

  • Mi Box 4K

    Bluetooth 4.2

    Wirelessly connect game
    controllers, headphones,
    speakers, and other
    Bluetooth-enabled devices

Mi Box 4K


Length: 9.52cm

Width: 9.52cm

Thickness: 1.67cm

Weight: 148g

Color: Black


Output Resolution: 4K, 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p,

480i/p up to 60 Hz

CPU: Cortex-A53 Quad-core 64bit, 1.5Ghz

GPU: Mali-450 750MHz


Storage: 8GB eMMC

Operating System: Android TV 9.0

Wireless connectivity

Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz
Bluetooth: 4.2


  • Video decoder :

    4K@60fps, VP9 Profile-2 up to
    4K*2K@60fps, H.265 HEVC
    up to 4K*2K@60fps, H.264 up to 4K*2K@30fps,
    VC-1 1080p@60fps,
    MPEG 1/2/4 1080p@60fps,
    Real 7/8/9 up to 1080p

  • Video Format :


  • Audio decoder :


  • Audio Format :


  • Image decoder :


  • Support Language :



HDMI2.0b: 1

USB2.0: 1

Power Interface: 1

Audio Out: 1

Packing list

Remote control x 1U
User Manual x 1U
Power Adapter x 1U
HDMI Cable x 1U

  1. What are the pre-installed apps on Mi Box 4K?

    Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Google Play Store, Google Play Music, Google Play Games.

  2. What are the different output resolutions supported on Mi Box 4K?

    Output resolution depends on your TV resolution. Mi Box 4K can support up to 4K resolution at 60Hz
    You can also restrict output resolution from Mi Box lower than highest capacity via display output setting.
    For example: 480ip, 576ip, 720p, 1080i/p, 4K
    Please note: Mi Box comes with HDMI 2.0b version

  3. What are the video decoders supported on Mi Box 4K?

    4K @60fps
    VP9 Profile-2 up to 4K/2K @60fps
    H.265 HEVC up to 4K/2K @60fps
    H.264 up to 4K/2K @30fps
    VC-1 1080p @60fps
    MPEG 1/2/4 1080p @60fps

  4. Does the Mi Box 4K have Chromecast option?

    Mi Box 4K comes with Chromecast built-in. You can cast up to 4K quality if your TV supports 4K resolution for supported apps and content.

  5. Does Mi Box 4K support voice search?

    Yes, Mi Box 4K comes with Google Assistant built-in. You can press the voice button on Mi Remote and search various queries like:
    Control entertainment - Show me English action movies
    Get answers - What is the weather today?
    Plan your day - How’s the traffic to work?
    Control smart home devices - Set Mi Air Purifier 3 to Auto

  6. Does Mi Box 4K come with Data Saver option?

    Data Saver helps users enjoy smart TV features via a phone hotspot while conserving data usage. You can stream up to 3 times with same daily limit
    Data Saver also includes two additional features such as Data counter and ability to “View phone media” on TV
    *Data Saver will be available as OTA in next update.

  7. How to install more apps and games on Mi Box 4K?

    Mi Box 4K comes with Google’s Play Store, which supports 5000+ apps and games globally. These apps are specially made for TV.

  8. Can I control TV Audio using the Mi Remote?

    Yes, you can. Please ensure that the TV supports HDMI ARC port and the Mi Box is connected to HDMI ARC port. Now go to Mi Box and enable CEC.
    Settings → Device Preferences → HDMI CEC → Enable CEC Switch

  9. How do I play content from a pen drive or hard disk connected to the Mi Box 4K?

    Download any Media Player for example: VLC from Play Store to play the content from your pen drive or hard disk.
    Supported Video File Formats: RM, MOV, VOB, AVI, MKV, TS, MP4
    Supported Audio File Formats: MP3, APE, FLAC
    Supported Audio Decoders: DOLBY, DTS
    Supported Image Decoders: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF

  10. Can I connect external sound systems to Mi Box 4K?

    Yes, you can connect external sound systems via the digital out port available on Mi Box 4K.

  11. Why am I getting sound output via both Soundbar and TV?

    If you connect your Soundbar to Mi Box then the output will be heard on both TV and Mi Box connected to Soundbar, as designed. You can reduce TV volume to zero and control volume of Soundbar via Mi Remote of Mi Box 4K.
    Or for single audio output, connect Audio device (Soundbar) directly to your TV.