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Redmi Watch GPS



Stylish 3.56cm (1.4)
Colour Display

5ATM Water Resistance

Watch Faces

Heart Rate &
Sleep Monitoring

Up to 10 days
of battery life

24-hour heart rate monitoring

Equipped with a PPG sensor, the watch can accurately detect your heart rate 24
hours a day and notify you when your heart rate goes above normal levels. It
can also save your resting heart rate data for 30 days to help monitor long-term
heart rate changes.

Sleep monitoring

Analyze your sleep quality by recording complete sleep data such as deep sleep,
light sleep and sleep duration to help maintain good sleeping habits.

Guided breathing

Perform guided breathing exercise for 1 to 5 minutes at the set

*Cricket mode may be upgraded through OTA updates
*Customized watch face functions: Some watch faces support customized display content, so that you can choose to display your favorite or most frequently used functions on the watch according to your needs.
*The Black, Ivory and Navy blue watch cases come with a strap of the corresponding color. The Olive and Pink straps must be purchased separately.
*All data on this page regarding charging and battery life are obtained from Xiaomi laboratories. Actual results may vary according to differences in software version, environment and watch edition and may not reflect the actual product.
*Typical mode battery life data was measured as follows: The watch was set to default factory settings. Sleep monitoring, 30-minute interval heart rate monitoring and non-stop step counting were enabled. Bluetooth received and displayed 100 notifications every day, two alarms were set a day, the locked display was turned on 50 times a day, and the watch data was synced with a phone once a day. The watch also monitored one outdoor exercise session a week, lasting 35 minutes.
*1500+ is the maximum number of possible combinations, based on 100+ personalized watch faces that can be combined with three different colored watch cases and five different colored straps.
* Images on this page are illustrations and the design of the real product may differ.

Redmi Watch GPS

Basic Specs


1.4" LCD display



Screen type



Min 350Nits(Typ)


60%(Typ),PPI 323

6-axis sensor

3-axis accelerometer
and 3-axis gyroscope

Heart rate-sensor





230 mAh


11 sports modes

Supported exercises

Outdoor running, Treadmill,

Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling,

Freestyle, Walking, Hiking,

Trail run, Pool swimming,

Open water swimming, Cricket

Health & Daily Life

Heart Rate Monitoring,
Sleep Monitoring,
Guided Breathing,Notifications,
Music Control

Satellite Positioning


Dimensions and specifications


35g (with strap) 21g
(without strap)


41mm * 35mm * 10.9 mm
(11.9mm at HRSensor)

Strap material


Water Resistance


Packing list

Watch body ×1 | Watch strap ×1 Dedicated charging dock ×1 | user manual ×1

  1. How to set up the Redmi Watch?

    Step 1: Install the Xiaomi Wear/Xiaomi Wear Lite app on your phone
    Step 2: Long-press the side button for a few seconds. Tap on RESET option. Click ‘Ok’
    Step 3: Turn-on phone Bluetooth and search for Redmi Watch and follow the instructions to pair the Redmi Watch

  2. How do I reset the watch?

    Method 1: If the watch is already paired with the Xiaomi Wear app, go to the Settings option. Tap on system settings. Tap on RESET option. Click ‘Ok’

    Method 2: If the watch is not paired with the Xiaomi Wear App, long-press the side button for a few seconds. Tap on RESET option. Click ‘Ok’

  3. What’s the name of the app?

    Redmi Watch works with Xiaomi Wear on Android - Play Store and Xiaomi Wear Lite on iOS - App Store

  4. Redmi Watch is compatible with which systems?

    Redmi Watch is compatible with iPhones running iOS10 and above, and with Android phones running Android 5 and above

  5. What are the battery capacity and standby time?

    Redmi Watch comes with a 230 mAh battery which can last up to 10 days* (tested under lab environment)

  6. How can I extend battery life on Redmi Watch?

    You can extend the battery life in your device by turning down the brightness level and setting heart rate monitoring to 30 mins frequency or turn-off raise-to-wake option

  7. What is the use of in-built GPS?

    If you are going out for a run, you don’t need to carry your phone. The in-built GPS will track your route, which you can see in the Xiaomi Wear App

  8. Is Redmi Watch water resistant?

    Yes, the Redmi watch has a water resistance rating of 5ATM (equivalent to 50 meters underwater). It supports swimming in pools, shoal swimming and other shallow-water activities, but not suitable for hot showers, saunas and diving

  9. How do I manage calls on the Redmi Watch?

    You can either silence or reject an incoming call

  10. Can we control music through Redmi Watch?

    Redmi Watch has a music control feature that enables you to change tracks and increase/decrease volume for music playing on your phone as long as your watch is connected to your phone via Bluetooth

  11. How can I change the watch face?

    You can choose from a collection of 200+ watch faces.
    From the app, go to the watch face store, select the watch face of your choice and tap ‘Sync’ to set the new watch face.
    From the watch, touch and hold the home screen for a few seconds. Swipe and choose from the watch faces

  12. Which sensors are present in Redmi Watch?

    Redmi Watch comes with 6 sensors - PPG Heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer, Gyroscope, Geomagnetic Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor and Barometer