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Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro

1300 ANSI LumensCertified Android TVCertified NetflixTOF Instant FocusOmni-directional Auto-correction

1080p HD resolution1300ANSI LumensLarge screen,
up to 200 inches*
TOF+ camera dual
focus mode
Certified Android TVCertified Netflix1.75'' full-frequency
dual speakersn
TOF+ camera dual focus modeSmart detection, instant focusThe Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro features two focus modes, TOF non-inductive focus and camera focus respectively. With the assistance of a six-axis gyroscope, your content will be in focus on the first try.
Smart hub of an IoT-enabled homeSmart life at your fingertipsWith the built-in Google Assistant, you can easily control the projector and other smart devices that support Google Assistant through the remote control.*
1300ANSI LumensCan also be watched during the daytimeThe Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro features a 4-channel Luminus LED light source with up to 1300ANS Lumens*, providing you clear sensory experience even during the daytime.
1.1:1 projection ratioLarge screen even in small spacesThe Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro features a throw ratio of only 1.1:1, allowing more flexibility in terms of viewing distance. A big 60-120" screen* can be projected within a small space, providing a sensational viewing experiences without the need for a big room.
Omni-directional Auto-correctionStraight screen, precise correctionThe Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro supports omnidirectional automatic keystone corrections, as well as functions such as automatic scaling of images and screen shift, allowing you to easily and smoothly zoom the screen from 60% to 100% and shift the screen in any direction. Place anywhere you want and conveniently cast the screen onto a suitable surface.
Ultra-wide color gamut, HDR10 decodingBright true-to-life colorsThe color gamut of the Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro reaches 100% Rec709* or above, which displays more vivid images and supports HDR10 decoding. It restores the original color layers and details. As the images displayed are clear and exquisite, you can immerse yourself in the images and forget about the real world.
Immersive sound effectsThe Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro is equipped with dual 10W, 1.75" full-frequency high-fidelity speakers, large-size passive basin design, low frequency can dive to 60Hz. Carefully calibrated by the master of acoustics*, the speakers can provide you with an immersive sound field experience making you reluctant to return to the real world.
Lock screen speaker modeExcellent tone quality, wireless connectionWith Bluetooth turned on, you can play the playlist from your phone at any time. With sound effects tuned by professionals and the remote smart voice control, you can enjoy your favorite song or audio book whenever you want.
Wireless projectionFlexibly switching between
a small and big screen,
providing a better gaming
and entertainment experience
The Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro supports Chromecast. Look at photos, cast videos, play games or browse the web on a bigger screen.
Amlogic T962X-H processorPeak performance, less power consumptionWith superior audio and video processing capabilities, image enhancement engine and high-performance processors, the projector is always one step ahead.
Enjoy smarter entertainmentSimplify your entertainment experience with Android TV*. Access 400,000+ movies and shows from platforms like Youtube and Netflix in one place. Ask Google to control your TV with your voice.
Diffuse scattering-enabled imaging technologyEye protection and high efficiencyThe diffuse scattering-enabled imaging technology prevents sunlight from direct radiation into the eyes, and makes images displayed soft and natural, protecting children's eyes.
Multiple port selectionsSpecifically designed for your HD experienceIt has seven extension ports that enable it to connect with a computer, speakers or gamepads, satisfying both working and entertainment demands easily.
HDMI 2HDMI 1USB 2.0USB 2.0Audio portS/PDIFEthernet
Round-edged, simple, high-end and elegant designEasily blends in with a variety of home decoration stylesThe Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro inherits the typical Mi design style, with a round-edged, simple and refined exterior. Its body size is 215×201×143mm, light and can fit almost anywhere. Although it has a built-in adapter, it is still compact and blends in nicely with most home decoration styles.
Notes:*Brightness of 1300ANSI Lumens, color gamut of over 100% Rec.709. Tested by the Shenzhen Academy of Metrology & Quality Inspection. Report No.: WT203200760.* Up to 200'' screen size, 60 to 120'' recommended projection size; projection distance and projection area are deduced based on theoretical approximations, and actual data may vary slightly.*Calibrated by the master: Wang Fuyu, the Acoustics Director of the Mi TV, performed the calibration tests.*Dolby certification number: #613954*DTS certification number: C237603*All data shown above were tested by the Formovie Laboratory unless otherwise specified. As physical environments are not exactly the same, the test data may be deviant or different from actual data.*Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries. Please refer to Google Assistant official website for more info.*The images and videos on this page are for illustration purposes only and may not be the exact representation of the product.
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